Seven Essential Strategies To Increased Profits During A Recession

Running a small business and trying to keep up with all the tax regulations and new IRS codes is no joke.  Mess this up and you’ll have to pay big penalties, not to mention possibly suffer through a business ending IRS audit!

In my business I specialize in knowing the VERY complex tax code we are all required by law to follow.  Yes, understanding how to properly send (or receive) money to Uncle Sam by filling out certain specific forms at certain specific times is an ugly business, but someone’s gotta do it! Read more to find out just what strategies you culd use to increase your profits during a recession.


Seven Essential Strategies To Increased Profits During A Recession:

Closely-Guarded Tax Saving Opportunities For
Hard-Working Business Owners Who Deserve
A Break From Uncle Sam This Year—
Especially In Tough Economic Times!

Dear Friend,

Running a small business and trying to keep up with all the tax regulations and new IRS codes is no joke.  Mess this up and you’ll have to pay big penalties, not to mention possibly suffer through a business ending IRS audit!

In my business I specialize in knowing the VERY complex tax code we are all required by law to follow.  Yes, understanding how to properly send (or receive) money to Uncle Sam by filling out certain specific forms at certain specific times is an ugly business, but someone’s gotta do it!

Truth be told, I actually LOVE helping regular middle to higher income folks minimize tax dollars so you keep more of YOUR money in your pocket!  Plus, I really enjoy giving taxpayers real peace of mind, especially small business owners who have to deal with taxes year round, not just on April 15th!  You should not have to live or run your business with the constant distraction of Uncle Sam looking over your shoulder month after month after month….

TAXES … Not Much Fun Dealing With The IRS Alone!

New Tax Laws and Regulations … Compliance Issues …Local, State and Federal Taxes … Quarterly Estimated Taxes … Payroll Taxes …Sales Tax … Unemployment Taxes … Personal Property Taxes … Personal and Business Tax Returns …and on and on – WHAT A BUREAUCRATIC MESS!

Hey, I know you are busy!  Your business never seems to stop.  You take your biz home with you, it calls you on your cell phone during “off hours” and when you’re actually trying to take a vacation with your family, you still have to excuse yourself at various times to handle the “emergency” of the week!

Running a small business month-in and month-out is an uphill battle.  Gotta get the revenue up and make a few more sales this week … and next.  Employees are fighting with each other over the same ol’ junk.  They don’t want to take the blame for a problem and your customers are upset, which means it all comes back on you – the owner.  Since you’re not some huge company, you have your hands in just about everything in your business.  You are a “Jack-Of All-Trades” out of necessity, not because you want to.

I bet no one told you when you started your business, KEEPING YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER AND MAKING A LIVING WOULD BE THIS HARD!  Well, not to add salt to an open wound, but it has been my experience that 9 out of 10 small business owners also underestimate (some grossly underestimate) the time, attention-to-detail and expert knowledge it takes to keep up with TAX ESTIMATES, REPORTING, various QUARTERLY and ANNUAL TAX FILINGS and getting accurate MONTHLY RECORD KEEPING so you actually know what’s going on in your business!


“OK, Already – My Life And TAXES Are Too Overwhelming To Think About All At One Time … Can You Give Me A Few Small Business Survival Tax Tips To Help Me When Filing My Tax Return This Year?”


Since you took the time to ask for this Special Free Report, I want to let the cat out of the bag and share with you a few tax tips so by the end of the year, you’ll be able to NET more money in your small business!

Here are “7 Secrets” to help you increase your profits this year:


“MERP” Offers Tax Benefits For Your Medical Expenses!

In order to get the full benefit from your medical expenses establish a medical expense reimbursement plan (“MERP”).  Generally, taxpayers who itemize their deductions can take a deduction for their medical expenses to the extent that the expenses are greater than 7.5% of their adjusted gross income.  Taxpayers who do not itemize get no deduction.  With a MERP taxpayers can take a dollar-for-dollar deduction whether or not they itemize for their medical care expenditures.

A great tip for keeping track of your medical expenses:  Since most people do a really poor job of tracking these kinds of expenses and in most cases are unable to get their hands on this information when tax time comes around, do yourself a favor right now.  Go into your storage closet, a kitchen drawer or wherever you keep file folders (if you don’t have any, a short trip to Office Depot or Staples today will do the trick) … then mark “Medical Expenses” on one for these folders.  Put this folder in the nearest drawer to your kitchen phone.  Now EVERY time you spend any money related to your medical care (even if you are not sure it could be deductible or not), put the receipt in the folder.  You will be glad you did next tax season.  The money you save in paying less in taxes will be a great incentive all by itself!


“SIMPLE” Plan Offers Even More Tax Savings Than Regular IRA!

Establish a SIMPLE IRA to boost your tax benefits from your retirement account.  Like an IRA, you can reduce your taxable income dollar-for-dollar for the amount you contribute to a SIMPLE plan.  A SIMPLE plan, however, comes with the added advantage over a tradition IRA of allowing a taxpayer to contribute even more money.  A Taxpayer can contribute up to $10,500 (2007) in a SIMPLE plan, as compared with the $4000 limit for a traditional IRA.

Hey, this is a BIG difference!  We’re talking about thousands of dollars more each year – tax free!  And as my dad used to say, “Give first, then SAVE for retirement and then pay your bills each month … do this all of your life and wisdom will follow you until the end.”  Yes, it IS wise to consistently sock money away, especially tax free!  And since the IRS gives you a great incentive to do so, might as well take them up on their offer …


How to AVOID Capital Gains … Legally!

Do a 1031 Exchange to avoid all tax on capital gains when you sell property.  A 1031 exchange allows you to relinquish property you hold for business or investment use for property of a like kind tax-free.  You do not even have to trade one property for the other at the same time.

With Real Estate investing so hot right now, 1031 Exchanges are a critical part of the available strategic tax savings opportunities.  Remember “Buy low, sell high?”  Everyone knows that old saying in their head, but with the shaking of housing prices and with many parts of the country’s real estate going down in value fast, many people have become scared and fearful.

Truthfully, your reaction should be the exact opposite.  What an unbelievably great time to BUY real estate!  The real estate market this year and next might never get this low again.  So go take a good look around your area, find the best investment opportunities and plan on taking full advantage of the 1031 Exchange laws so you can avoid paying these capital gains taxes legally!


Even Small Deductions Can Add Up To Big Tax Savings!

Don’t forget the “de minimis” fringe benefits for maximum tax savings.  Did you know that the tax code allows you to deduct for things such as (a) tickets to theatres and sporting events, (b) cocktail parties for employees and guests and (c) the holiday gifts you give?   Although these expenditures may not seem large, they can really add up!

Again, the reason most American’s do not take advantage of these kinds of “tax breaks” is they do not have a simple system to follow.  No, I did NOT say complex.  If tracking your tax deductions throughout the year is complicated, you won’t do it.  So choose any system you want, just make sure it is right for you, your lifestyle and your personality.  If you are a detailed person who likes to track expenses and you love technology gadgets, then you’ll go about choosing a monthly tax deductions organizer differently than someone who has a hard time balancing their check book.

The problem is not the system you choose.  The problem is continuing to believe a bunch of little deductions will not add up to big tax savings.  They do and if you need to throw a wad of cash down your toilet this month to help you experience the pain wasting money, please do so.  But, if you rather not, then start tracking those tax deductions and watch the net gain back to you add up big time come tax time!


“EAP” Offers Tax Relief Through Your Employees!

Use an Education Assistance Plan (“EAP’) to get a $5,250 deduction per employee and reimburse your employees for their college education expenses.  With an EAP you can also take the same deduction and help pay for your child’s education.

Look, this is definitely a win / win proposition.  The people who work for you and represent your business get more education and you get to write off for over $5,000 per employee!  And what is the down side?  Well, what if your employees need more education and you need more tax deductions?  If you don’t use a EAP, sounds like to me you are in for a double whammy!


Avoid Extra Tax With A Wise Business Purchasing Plan!

Avoid the dreaded Alternative Minimum Tax by postponing purchases of depreciable assets or leasing rather than purchasing depreciable assets in years when you have high income and itemized deductions.  The alternative minimum tax is calculated by adding to your alternative minimum tax base any accelerated depreciation taken in a tax year.

Most busy business owners are not paying attention to the tax consequences and real money saving ramifications of their purchases.  In many cases, armed with up-to-date sales and revenue figures (especially 6 or 8 months into the year) you can properly plan when the best time would be to purchase that next “big thing” you need to run your business.  And again, in most cases, you can wait a couple of months and buy after the first of the year or in other cases, spend the money before December 31st.  Hey, on large purchases, it really does make a huge difference on your tax return!


Defer Taxes Owed By Following The Installment Sales Rules

Use the Installment Sales rules to defer the tax you have to pay when you sell property by structuring your transactions so that you receive payments from the sale in more than one year.   For example, if your gain on the sale of property would be $40,000, you would owe tax on only half of that amount if you arranged to receive only half of the cash for the sale this year.

Too often, greed sets in and people want to get paid all up front.  But, if a deal is structured properly, getting paid some now and some over the next couple of years tends to dramatically help on the tax side of things.  Now of course, you don’t know what is going to happen with your financial picture in the future, but you might as well defer as many tax dollars as possible now and make other adjustments with future money in those coming years.  If given a choice, most of us would choose to give Uncle Sam his money later rather than earlier.

Now, those are 7 STRATEGIC ways you can benefit from the existing tax code and increase your profits this year.  But obviously there are thousands more tax savings strategies available.  Depending on your specific tax situation, you can use them all (if they apply) if you wanted to.

However, THAT’S the issue – “IF” and “WHICH ONES” apply to your situation?  This is where I come in and can help.  Most people truly do need a professional so that’s why I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse …

FREE 33-Minute Tax Consulting,
Time & Money Saving Review

Let’s don’t beat around the bush here.  If you are seriously looking for a tax expert to help you with your individual or business tax returns, I or one of my professional tax preparers in my office will be happy to meet with you.  In just one meeting — with no cost or obligation on your part — we will show you how much money and time (not to mention the hassle) we’ll be able save you on your taxes!

You get to see, first hand, if you feel comfortable with me and my staff and if we are a good fit for each other.  I’ll share my ideas, insights and possible tax strategies with you, which will be very beneficial for your specific situation.  I’ve found out from past experience, giving you a free, no-risk way to come into my office and “kick the tires” is the best way to start the relationship.  If for some reason you are not comfortable with how we operate our tax business, you are free to say no thanks – no hard feelings.

 “Hidden Costs” vs. Price

I’ve found out the hard way it is a big mistake to try and “blind quote” and give a new client an estimate for work we think we are going to do.   Many times once we look at everything, we find out later your tax situation is more involved than anticipated.   Since we won’t have a good idea of how much tax work will be required until we meet, let’s cross that fee bridge when we get there.  We are not some ridiculously high priced tax firm.  We are in the middle of the road somewhere when it comes to price, but we’re “HIGH” on the Best Accounting & Tax Firm’s List when it comes to providing Top Level Peace Of Mind Value for our clients!

Finally, I’d like to make one last comment on this topic of price before we move on. There are HIDDEN COSTS involved in hiring a cheap and not-so-qualified tax practitioner to help you deal with the IRS and all of your tax related obligations.  These costs are ugly when they occur, too.  BIG Penalties & Cash-Sucking Interest … and many times Multiple Years of BACK TAXES you had no idea you owed … plus your time and energy involved in dealing with this kind of IRS crisis – from Day 1, until months and years later on when (if) it ends.   I’ve seen this type of business ending catastrophe happen.  It is awful.

BOTTOM LINE:  It’s just not worth it. 

You lose your life to this tax burden … a constant distraction, and in the end (when the IRS agents leave or stop calling and your cash is wiped out)…

Most Businesses Do NOT Recover!

This is why you should get a real tax PROFESSIONAL to help you now, so your name and your business don’t get tossed in the delinquent IRS payment graveyard like so many others found themselves in by “being cheap” – hiring someone who could help them with their taxes or monthly bookkeeping at a lower price, but in the end, the unsuspecting small business owner trying to save some money, got slammed with hidden costs no one ever told them about or to even to be on the lookout for!

The old adage is true.  Two things are for sure in life – Death and Taxes.  However, if you hire the right tax firm to help you deal with your ongoing IRS obligations, TAXES WON’T BE WHAT KILLS YOU!

What To Do Next:

The ball is in your court.  Depending on how fast you’d like to move forward in resolving your tax related needs, you can take action in one or more of the following options:  [WARNING:  Limited Free Consultation Appointments  available for New Clients – Time Slots Filled on a First Come, First Serve basis.] 

  1. Go online and get more information about me, my staff and our tax business.  Our website has a more detailed list of the tax related items to bring if you want to expedite the process and have us get to work on your taxes as soon as possible.  You can also email us at info@mytaxesmadeez.comwith any questions or best appointment times for your schedule.  If you prefer faxing, our Priority Fax Line is (856) 232-0958.
  2. To reach someone in our tax office directly, call our office during normal business hours at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.  If we are busy and unable to answer the phone immediately, please leave us your name and number and the best time to call you right back.  Since preparing taxes is a SERVICE business, we really want to hear your voice and eventually meet you in person.  So thank you in advance for letting us help you with your tax situation!

Because our office stays very busy helping our existing tax clients, we must LIMIT the number of new clients we accept.  (Hey, if we had more than 24 hours in a day, we’d be able to accept more.)  But for now, ONLY 9 New Client Free Consultations are available over the next 21 days.  If you are interested in speaking with me or another professional accountant on staff, now is the time to contact our office so we can work out an appointment that’s best for both of us.

We really do NOT want you to feel any more pain or frustration or lose any more sleep over your tax situation or dealing with the IRS.  We are in the business of helping you sleep like a baby, never having to worry about your taxes again.  And not just this year, but EVERY year!

All the best to you and your family.  I look forward to our meeting.